The Tree of Jesse

These files constitute a book entitled "The Tree of Jesse" and subtitled "Descendants, Ancestors, and Relatives of JESSE HODGES (1754-1842) of Halifax and Pittsylvania Counties, Virginia and Wilson, Henderson and McNairy Counties, Tennessee." The author/editor is Laurent Hodges, P. O. Box 1238, Ames, Iowa 50014, who may be reached at this email:

The book is a series of chapters whose organization is described in Chapter 1. All the chapters are either Word document files (.doc Word 1997-2003 files) or PDF (Portable Document Format) files which can be read by either Microsoft Word (in the case of the .doc files) or the free Adobe Reader (available at in the case of the PDF files.

Readers are welcome to print or download these files for the use of themselves or their relatives, but note that the content is copyrighted.

From time to time the chapters will be added to or revised. If you find parts of a file in red instead of black, those part have not been thoroughly edited, and are more likely to contain errors.

Chapter 01. Introduction uploaded January 8, 2016.

Chapter 02 - Earliest History uploaded January 8, 2016.

Chapter 03.01 - Earliest Generations (H0, HA1, etc.) uploaded January 8, 2016.